About Us

Lasting Lines Permanent Makeup


Lasting Lines Permanent Makeup was established by Lorna Poulos in 1996. We love our cozy little studio and don't plan on moving any time soon. Our location is on Ashman Street toward the most famous landmark and an icon of the city of Midland; The Tridge and The Midland Area Farmers Market.

Lorna Poulos- Master PMU Artist & Mentor


Lornal Poulos has over 25 years of PMU experience. Although Lorna is no longer physically in the studio everyday, she continues to be in close contact with our artists to answer any questions. Lorna has left her client files with the studio for us to see your history and ink recipes for future touchups. 

"Being a permanent makeup artist and doing my own permanent makeup has allowed me more time in the morning. It also assures me that at the end of the day I can still look fresh without having to reapply. Having done thousands of permanent makup procedures, I still enjoy my work and meeting people like you that will love it as much as those that have already experienced the results." -Lorna

Veronica Casey- PMU Artist


One of Lorna's doctor clients suggested Veronica would be a good fit for her to train to continue servicing the clients at Lasting Lines when she retires. 

Veronica is a medical professional and also an artist. She obtained her certification in full face micropigmentation including microblading from Michigan Micropigmentation Center. 

Veronica also trained directly under Lorna for over a year. They started together at Lasting Lines in August 2018. This is where Lorna taught Veronica how to do 3D areola restorations for breast cancer survivors.

Currently Lorna is teaching Veronica all of her personal techniques and special tips so our clients know they will continue to be in good hands . 

Who Wears Permanent Makeup?

People with:

  • Sparse eyebrows or no eyebrows
  • Eyes that appear washed out when not wearing eyeliner
  • Thin lips that have little definition
  • Uneven lips that take away from facial balance
  • Dexterity difficulties, arthritis, or vision limitations that inhibit accuracy when applying liner and fine makeup features
  • Have allergies or contact lenses that cause watery eyes and smudged eyeliner
  • Have precious little time to get ready in the morning or evening
  • Want the convenience of makeup that will not smudge, smear, or run
  • Have experienced hair loss on eyebrows or lashes due to: alopecia, cancer, or natural aging processes


If you get 2 complete procedures at the same time you can get 20% off.  

Touchups, blended lip liner, just top eyeliner, just bottom eyeliner, one areola are NOT considered full procedures.

Complete procedures include:

Full Lip Pigmentation

Top & Bottom Liner 

New Brows

Two Areoles 


Lorna loves reviewing new client request and contributing to their treatment plan if they choose to work with Veronica. Lorna only has a few spots left for long standing returning clients. 

Lorna is also currently reviewing her returning client files to give Veronica the color recipes each client needs if they want the same exact ink to be used on them at their touchups. Plus she has special color correcting inks that she suggest using on any returning clients with old PMU also. 

This way everyone can continue touchups at Lasting Lines with ease. If you would like Lorna to review your file with Veronica and set up an appointment they will be in close contact for questions indefinitely. Please don't hesitate to email or call the studio.