The arch is everything for great looking eyebrows.

Your expression, mood and age can all be conveyed by the shape of your brows. Eyebrows that are too light, too thin, sparse, or non-existent, can be beautifully improved with PMU. Eyebrows are important because they frame your eyes and enhance the expression on your face. Men and women look more healthy and youthful with nice brows.

We can create extremely natural looking hairstrokes with microblades or the machine. Ombre brows or softly shaded powder brows are also an option. We even do solid fill coverups for dealing with old undesirably colored PMU. Combo brows with hairstrokes in the front and shading in the back is another great option. 

For information and pricing on simulating BROW HAIR, click on THIS LINK (a 164KB PDF file you can view and print).