Natural Breast Color Restorations

Permanent micro pigmentation (tattooing) is used to reconstruct and restore the natural look of the breast for both women and men. We work closely with you to select the color, shape, and symmetry for your final look. Shading and highlighting are used for a more realistic result.

Breast areola and nipple coloring is not just for cancer survivors, but for women and men that lack color due to birth defects scars or simple fading of your own pigment over the years.

We work on many plastic surgeons’ reconstructed breasts. So there are several methods of reconstruction for the cancer survivor. Some of which come to us with or without the nipple built for the breast mound. But the nipple and areola can be artistically tattooed to create a realistic three dimensional look.

Breast tattooing can give one a boost to the body image, confidence and a gain of normality again.